Optional Components


Pro Plus Drain Fabric

STS Pro Plus Drain Fabric:crawl space waterproofing

Our Pro Plus Drain Fabric is a 8lb, 100% polypropylene material that should be used to enhance the water drainage beneath the STS Pro Shield Plus Liner. Other Benefits include, protecting the liner  from sharp objects such as rocks, adds more cushion to the floor for your hands and knees and helps prevent the liner from sticking to the soil making drainage of water to the sump pit slower. STS 100mil Drain Fabric is sold by the roll only. Use floor dimensions to figure amount needed. Material is 5 feet wide x lineal footage ( or length ) you need, add extra if overlapping is needed or desired. Click for Product Data


STS 22mil Liner

STS 22mil Liner:

22mil linerThe STS 22mil Liner is a Nylon Reinforced Flexable Polyethylene Plastic Sheeting, it is extreamly durable and puncture resistant. This is an excellent second option to the STS Pro Shield 90mil Liner for encapsulating aa crawl space. The 22mil Liner will seal out most gasses, odors & moisture eventhough it is not ZERO PERM. It has an Anti-Microbial coating that helps prevent mold growth and still has a 25yr manufacture warranty.

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Pro Plus Heat Shield

STS Heat ShieldHeat Shield in crawl space waterproofing

Our STS Pro-Shield Plus Liner has multiple functions. One of the great functions is, being used as a Heat Shield in crawl spaces for the floor above. The use of the STS Heat Shield is highly recommended for cold climate areas. Manufactured with a 99% pure radiant heat-reflecting aluminum foil on one side and white poly on the other, with reinforcing fiber grid sandwiched in-between. The STS Heat Shield is easily stapled to the bottom of the overhead floor joist (crawl space ceiling) with the aluminum foil side facing up. Before installing remove any insulation that may be between the joists, this is for two reasons. The first is, that if the insulation is damp or has come in contact with water it is a breading ground for mold and mildew. The second is the most important, for the STS Heat Shield to reflect the heat back to the living area there needs to be an open air space for the heat to travel freely. The 99% pure aluminum foil reflects the radiant heat that passes through floors of the living space above back into the home. This reduces overall heat loss through the floor by over 50% and keeps floors comfortably warm.

The STS Heat Shield for crawl space insulation is non-toxic, non-irritating, and Class A/Class 1 Flame-Retardant rated with low smoke spread and Tax Credit Certified. For more information about heat-reflecting aluminum foil go to Crawl Space Energy Conservation or Product Data.


STS Seam Lock

STS Seam Lock is a rubber based adhesive roll tape, 1" wide x 100' long, that has a release paper, that when removed and placed between the overlaps of the STS Pro-Shield Plus Liner, provides a second, stronger and more permanent seal than just the seaming tapes themselves. Apply to dry surfaces, stays pliable and will hold up to wet or dry conditions after bond is made, permanently bonding materials. Click for Product Data


Sump Pit Cover and other accessories:

STS Quite Clear Check Valve:

The STS Quite Clear Check Valve allows you to visually watch the water flow and insure that the valve is working properly. The Quite Clear Check Valve is designed to be glued onto a 1-½” PVC pipe, yet can be removed by loosening the two couplings for easy cleaning of sand, dirt or debris build up, if necessary. A properly working check valve will prolong the life of your sump pump by not allowing the water in the discharge pipe to flow back into the pit, causing the pump to cycle more often then necessary. Installing as new or replacing that old black enclosed check valve, the STS Quite Clear Check Valve is the valve for you! View Flier

STS-Sump Pit Seal:

The STS-Sump Pit Seal is ideal for new or existing sump pits in crawl spaces or basements. Fits up to 21” diameter pits and has a clear window for easy inspection into the pit. When using with our STS Pro-Shield Liner System, install the Sump Donut mounting plate under the liner and seal the liner to it, then bolt the 2 piece cover on top of the liner and bolt into place. Now your crawl space is 100% sealed! Click for Product Data

STS-Sump Donut:

The STS-Sump Donut is the mounting plate for the STS-Sump Pit Seal when installed with the STS Pro-Shield Liner System. For more information on how the STS-Sump Donut is installed check out our step by step installation instructions and video for the STS-Sump Pit Seal cover.


ION Float Switch

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STS Little Blue Crawl Space Pit & Pump Kit

The STS pit & Pump Kit is ideal for crawl spaces for either a new installation or as a secondary back-up system.. The kit includes a heavy duty construction pre-formed pit with bolt down and gasket sealed lid, 2500 GPH ( @ 5 ft. high rise ) cast iron pump, rubber grommets to seal discharge & vent pipes, solid cap, vented cap, clear check valve, drain fabric ( to wrap pit ) and hardware. This pit can be used with either a drain tile or weep system. To use with a drain tile system, cut out holes for drain tile to fit into pit. To use in a weep system drill random holes all around the pit and wrap the pit with drain fabric.

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