D-I-Y Basement Crawl Space Waterproofing Solutions

Seal Tight Solutions the "Do-it-Yourself" Crawl Space incapsulation & products online store.

Create a "healthier" living environment by sealing out moisture, water & soil gases from crawl spaces and basements.

Wet and damp basements or crawl spaces should not be a lingering problem. Excess water and moisture, left untreated, not only affects the indoor air quality of your home, but also can significantly influence the value of your home.

Crawl Space Sealing and Insulation: Prevent further crawl space mold and moisture as well as improve the indoor air quality of your home. Sealing and insulating the crawl space gives a nice clean finished look to your crawl, while providing a safe and sanitary environment for storage.

Foundation Crack Repair: Foundation cracks are a common occurrence in the Midwest. Using low-pressure concrete crack injection with the Seal Tight Solutions concrete crack repair starter kit, foundation wall crack repair is a process that is quick and permanent. Our concrete crack repair kits include all the needed components to properly repair the foundation crack yourself - kits available in select sizes, accommodating various crack sizes.

Concrete Floor Repair: Using a specialty polyurea material, basement floor cracks, driveway floor cracks, patio cracks, etc. can easily be repaired permanently within an hour. With the Seal Tight Solutions concrete floor crack repair kit, the repair process is quick and simple, permanently repairing cracks in any slab, while leaving an almost invisible repair job. Best of all, our fast curing polyurea allows for same day overlays, if desired.

Basement Flood Control: An efficient primary sump pump is vital to help protect against basement floods. To maximize the protection of your basement, a battery backup sump pump system is highly recommended, for when primary pumps fail due to power outages.

Basement Pre-Finishing: Finishing a basement is one of the biggest investments a homeowner can make towards their home. Whether you are looking to fully finish your basement, or partially finish it, Seal Tight Solutions has economically friendly solutions to help prevent excess water seepage and improve overall air indoor air quality.

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